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Our Philosophy

We are using our skills, experience and reputation to put you on a right track. You are working hard and doing your best to achieve and take all the credit

What are we capable of?

You will be interested in Pro Team Ukraine services if you are looking for:


We are able to put you in a best position to win. We are representing a ton of thriving players, who are labeled as winners and were crowned as champions. They have won multiple individual awards, they have lived up to the hype, proved the doubters wrong and reached their full potential after all

Becoming a better player

We are willing to do whatever it takes to put you on a right track, to make you a better person, to build your confidence and to help you when you'll need it most. We know how to force any player's improvement and turn it into winning, while being in a place where you're welcomed, loved and respected.

Showcase your talent to the world

We have a ton of global partners around the world to provide the best service possible. We have enough strength to give you a chance to play under brightest lights and on the biggest of stages, to visit the environments you were always dreaming of and face the opposition that would help you in building your own legacy

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Баскетбольное агентство полного цикла ProTeam Украина


Украина, Киев

Проспект Космонавта Комарова 26

Телефон: +380674429592

Контактное лицо: Сергей